Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I got home from my honeymoon and had this fabulous ghost chair waiting to be opened by me and my hubby. I CANNOT believe that I, after so much swooning over this chair (via the internet), can now sit in one in my own house!! AHHH! I am so excited....thank you thank you Brantley and Doug!! Now I just need to find the perfect place for it.  I'm sorry for being so absent lately, but I went home for a week, got married, and then went on the most FABULOUS honeymoon. I am bursting to show you pictures and go over every last little detail, but first I need to get the photos from my amazing photographers. I will be back after Thanksgiving with regular posts and hopefully soon I will share my wedding with you!


  1. i've obviously been reading your blog! As I said in my e-mail, no gift wrap available but i'm so pleased it arrived safely and undamaged. I thought about trying to bring a set of four from China but they are knock-offs and no way I could have handled on all the planes. Much happier with one of the real deal and much easier to fit into your house I'm sure. You'll have to update us on the functionality of the chair. The picture looks great! Time has flown since the wedding weekend - so glad I was there. xx b

  2. The chair is super comfortable!!!!!!! I LOVE it!!!