Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Simple Table Setting

This year, with all my family coming over to my house to celebrate Christmas, I've been searching the blogosphere and pinterest to find some inspiration for my table setting. I will be using my china (which I absolutely adore) for the first time....finally! I chose to mix a couple of patterns to get the perfect look ...

My dinner plate is Colette in gold by Robert Haviland and my salad/dessert plates are a mix of Princess Victoria and Queen Victoria by Herend. The hubs thinks Herend looks like jungle plates...but I think they are beautiful! I'd like to have place cards at the table and when I came across this image with rosemary, I fell in love...

It is simple and elegant and the rosemary makes me think of Christmas trees! Not only will it look pretty, but the table will be fragrant too. How are you setting your table this year?

Image via Bellecose, Neiman MarcusContemporary Concepts,  Marigolds and Mithai

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  1. Love the sprig of rosemary, sometimes its those little touches that make a big difference.