Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Headboard DIY

Ok, so I have to admit I am the worst blogger when it comes to documenting my DIY projects. I start the project and then halfway through I think, wait I need to be taking pictures! Therefore, I don't have a good photo of my hubby cutting the plywood into the pattern we chose, nor do I have him mounting the foam to the headboard with adhesive spray. But, as you can see I have him wrapping the batting around the headboard and securing it with staples. Once it was time for the fabric I got involved!! I helped him wrap the headboard in our fabric...which turned out more challenging than I thought. The edges that are cut out on the top corners were harder to get smooth, but we persevered and made it happen. It is a good thing we didn't go with one of the more intricate patterns in my post yesterday. Another part of the project that I let the hubby handle was attaching the headboard to the wall. I have no patience for measuring, finding studs and using levels. He did a great job though! I'm trying to decide if we should add nail heads. I love nail head trim! What do you think???


  1. Definitely add nail head trim! Although i've heard it is much easier to do it on the ribbon roll when you are doing a long line such as a headboard.

    But is that 2 pieces of plywood for the headboard I see?? What did you use to attach it to the wall?

  2. I have two rows of nail trim on our headboard and love it! It's a nice finished look. Great project!

  3. I am impressed with how it turned out.
    Looks great.

  4. OK, I think I may try the nail head trim!!

    Not sure what my hubby did with the plywood, it could be two pieces? He put two nails in the wall and then a bracket on the back of the headboard for hanging.