Monday, April 15, 2013

DIY #2 and some progress pics...

When I was asked to DIY a piece of furniture for Junior League's Bargain Carousel, I figured I might need to tackle two pieces in case one was a total bust :). So, I also grabbed this painted mirror as well. 

When I started first to work on my table, I think my husband got a little jealous. He LOVES a project, so he decided he would take a stab at the mirror. Our plan was to use paint stripper to remove most of the white paint so the aluminum could show through. We thought this rustic look would be more appealing than the all white painted mirror.

Despite being a messy project and a little painful for the fingers (make sure to use heavy duty gloves when working with a harsh paint stripper!!!), this one turned out GREAT! This was a quick DIY that really made a huge difference. If you want to see the finished product you will just have to get yourself over to Bargain Bash on Thursday, April 25th because I have a feeling this mirror will be sold quick!!

Ok, so back to my table! My first step was to sand all the legs. After, that I put a coat of primer on the legs and then sanded again.

I decided to do a second coat of primer and of course afterwards I sanded for the third time. And yes, these steps were pretty boring :). I'm ready for the fun step of adding some gold to this table! But you will just have to wait until the next post for that....

No, this is not part of my DIY project but I couldn't help but post a pic of my favorite little helper. And, when I say helper, I really mean lazy observer! I figured if the project started to look too bad she would perk up and let me know.

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