Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finally...The Wedding

I have to admit I wasn't my normal photo obsessed self at the wedding in Charleston, so unfortunately I don't have very many photos to share with you. And, on top of that they were taken with my little digital and not my fancy SLR (which I of course think takes a better picture). Regardless, here is my top 5 list of favorites from the wedding and a few photos to go along...

1. Kate's gorgeous Vera Wang wedding dress and her groom Franklin's khaki suit and green and white bow tie that matched perfectly with the bridesmaids' green silk J. Crew dresses. Needless to say, the wedding party was dressed to perfection!

2. The ice sculpture of Kate and Franklin's dog Mae that was part of the serving piece for the delicious shrimp.

3. The band...The Maxx...which was the life of the party and got everyone out on the dance floor. To me, the band is KEY for a good party.

4. The melt in your mouth cupcakes in various flavors -- orange, caramel, red velvet and peppermint -- YUM!

5. The getaway car or in this case, a Boat! The reception was held on the water, so Kate and Franklin walked out on the pier and left on a boat with sparklers all around. I love it when brides get creative with their exit!

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  1. Sid,
    The wedding looked like it was planned to perfection. Loved the idea of the getaway boat.
    Your blog is an inpiration.