Thursday, November 19, 2009

Board #3: A Thanksgiving Inspired Wedding

Thanksgiving Bliss

Credits: Carla Ten Eyck, Jose Villa, Oh How Charming!, Millie Holloman, Jennifer Nichols, Heather Kincaid, Penny Silvia, Alison Ulshoffer Events & Design, Jose Villa, Jose Villa Photography

Its been a few weeks since my last wedding inspiration board, so I've been itching to create another one for the Fall bride. I feel like I have discovered through this blog how much I LOVE Fall. I'm drawn to the beauty in nature, rustic textures, vintage elements and rich, warm colors. I think you can probably tell from my boards that I love mason jars, chalkboards and anything that looks antique! I promise to do a better job in the future of branching out with more creative ideas. But for now, I'm soaking up Fall and everything it means to me...

P.S. If you saw my last board, yes, I figured out how to make it bigger than a thumbnail image...thank goodness! Head over to SMP's Style Circle if you want to make one of your own...


  1. Sid your blog is FABULOUS! You have such a great eye. Can you pretty please plan my wedding? Miss you, can't wait for January. xoxo Lindsay

  2. Gorgeous images Sidney! Love what you've done with your blog header and background too, I've missed visiting you!!

  3. gorgeous! we went to a wedding sorta like this last year, and it was lovely.