Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I am in need of....

...a very large glass of red wine(maybe 2)
...and also a wedding planner/organizer...
. (does anyone have a good suggestion for me??)


Its day 7 of my engagement and I feel sooo disorganized, and everyone telling me I better get everything booked quickly is starting to stress me out!! I am normally so organized but for some reason, I feel like I am all over the place with the wedding planning. I haven't even stopped to reflect that a DECADE has just gone by. I mean WOW....1o years...and what have I accomplished or learned? Let's see...

I have lived in four different cities

I've graduated from college and also from graduate school

I've had three jobs but still searching for a job that = my passion

I've bought a house and a car all by myself

I've had a broken heart(more than once) but have learned how to put it back together

I've experienced the death of loved ones and the joy of new life

I've become a dog lover, an aunt(3 times over), a blogger and most recently a fiancee

I've learned that being a grown up is tough but also very empowering

I've learned that life never goes the way you plan it

I've learned that one true friend is worth more than gold

I've had my faith tested and learned that nothing is impossible for God


I wonder how much I will learn in the next decade?

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  1. Great list, Sidney. Loved seeing you last night! I'm so excited for you. xx- brooke