Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Inspiration...

Okay, so apparently I'm pretty dense when it comes to computers because resizing this inspiration board so that it would fit on my blog was much easier than I thought! Sorry for the temporary brain would think it was Monday wouldn't you? So, on to the inspiration! I really love how this board came together...there were just a few items that I just had to work in

1) Oysters (Charlotte is from Charleston and will be getting married there so it only seemed fitting to include raw oysters!)

2)Bagpipes (Charlotte's father's lineage traces back to Scottland, so of course a bagpiper was a must)

3)Champagne (One of Charlotte's favorite drinks and the perfect compliment to the date of her wedding 1.1.11 - love the symmetry of that!)

.... and the rest just fell into place....

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