Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Wedding Inspiration....finally


So...here it is...the first stab at an inspiration board for my fall wedding. It was a lot harder to put together than I thought it would be! As you can see from the board, I'm hoping to use chocolate brown as my main color. This board is for the ceremony...and soon, I hope to tackle one for the reception. What do you think? Any suggestions??


  1. Love the chocolate color! Love the dress, most certainly can be worn again! You have fantastic taste!

  2. This looks like a beautiful start. I love that brown dress.

  3. The hair style is very chic and reflects your good taste.
    I also love the dress, the ruffles are glamorus and the waistline very defining.
    Love your style.

  4. The dress is so pretty! I would love to wear that over and over.
    The chocolate color will be so perfect for a fall wedding. You have great taste!

  5. Love it! I'm using the same dress for my bridesmaids as well (only in the light pewter)!