Monday, January 10, 2011


I inherited two wing back chairs from my grandparents...which I am sure you could guess by the look of the fabric! I wonder what my grandkids will think one day of my decorating style? So, needless to say...these babies needed to get recovered!! 

I came across an article a few years ago in Cottage Living of a living room redo, and ever since then I have  not stopped thinking about the fabric used on two chairs in the room. #1 I LOVED the color...neutral, but definitely not boring....and #2 I was crazy about the texture of the fabric - velvet!!

I started to wonder if it would be possible for this fabric to look good on my chairs and also if the fabric would blend with the other colors in my living room? Luckily, when I brought a sample home, I saw that the "Aloe" fabric picked up the same color in my oriental rug and blended perfectly with the colors in the paintings hung on my walls!! So after several months of waiting in line (my upholster guy stays very busy) for my chairs to be recovered, I finally have them back home....stay tuned tomorrow to see the new look!

*Second image seen here

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