Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birthday Wish List....

Yep...that's birthday is coming up! And, this year its kind of a big deal. I'm entering a new decade (insert groan here). Um, so where did my twenties go? Wasn't I just graduating from college and getting my first job like yesterday?? I'm typically a totally obnoxious birthday freak. You know the type....I'm that girl who likes to celebrate all WEEK (but really all month would do too)...but this year things are a little different. I keep wanting to forget that I am turning 30...I keep wanting to pretend that its not January and that I am NOT getting older. Regardless, its coming, so I thought I would put together a little wish list. Probably too late for the hubby, but hopefully if he is smart he will think about using these ideas in the future for other special occasions.

I'm one of those who has been holding out for the i phone to come to Verizon and its almost here! (Just in time for a "belated" birthday gift to moi in February!)

I've had my eye on this David Yurman ring for awhile...and will probably have to keep having my eye on it for  awhile. I'm sure my hubby is tired of buying me diamond rings right now!

Ok, so the first two are pretty big wishes, so let me drop back down to earth with some more realistic wishes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE candles...especially this one from Votivo.  Right now my candle collection is down to zero!!

I've really been on a kick lately of trying out new recipes, but I haven't done much branching out past Barefoot Contessa (I love her!!). I think my hubby would love for me to change it up, and I have been dying to pick up a copy of this southern girl's cookbook!

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  1. Happy 30th birthday tomorrow!!! 30s is SO the new 20s haven't you heard???