Friday, January 7, 2011

A new beginning....

I can't believe that 2010 has come and gone! It was a big year for me.....

I planned my dream wedding
I sold my house
I got married on the most perfect day to my most perfect mate
I traveled to the most amazing island for the most amazing week
I moved into a new house 
I accomplished a goal at work that most thought was impossible
and I celebrated the last year of my twenties...

I typically make New Year's Resolutions, but I think half way through the year they are forgotten and most likely never accomplished. This year I hope to be different....I hope to....

1. Pursue My Passions. I am going to stop ignoring my passions. I'm almost 30 (yikes) and its about time that I start to embrace them and find a way to possibly earn a living doing them!
2. Travel More. Time seems to fly these days and I want to take every opportunity I have to travel somewhere new and different...because before I know it I will have a family and jet setting here and there will be a lot more difficult!
3. Give Back. I am so thankful for the many ways I have been blessed over the last 29 years. I want to make a conscious effort to do more to give back. I have realized over the years when I volunteer my time or my money that giving is so much more rewarding than receiving.

Have a great weekend!!!

P.S. I hope to be posting soon on all the details of my wedding, but the photo above is a little sneak peek!

Image via Studio A Photography


  1. Amen! I hope Asia is part of your Travel More you so much! Your blog is a great inspiration and I love everything you do!

  2. Thanks Kat! I am keeping my fingers crossed we can make it to Asia! Love you...