Monday, October 26, 2009

6 more days...

...until Halloween! Ahhh...I love Halloween! Probably because that's when I met my BF for the first time. He was dressed like Don Johnson from Miami Vice and let me just say he looked pretty good despite his powder blue suit and lime green shirt. I haven't gotten anything together this year for my costume and am beginning to wonder if I have enough time? Any suggestions out there?? In the meantime, I will be carving my pumpkin tonight...hopefully it will look much better than the last one I carved with the BF. We were trying to be creative and spell didn't turn out so great unfortunately. If you aren't a master pumpkin carver(like me) then here are a few images to inspire you to add some glam instead to your pumpkin this year.



Photos via BHG


  1. Such pretty pumpkins. I love pumpkins but HATE HATE HATE Halloween!

  2. Very pretty! I saw one this morning on the today show and they covered a pumpkin in candy wrappers with mod podge. It looked really cute plus you get all the candy first to get the wrappers!