Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Few Things I Have Learned About Pumpkins...

1. Carving pumkins is a lot harder than you think its going to be. I thought for sure my carved pumpkin would be genious...but its just about average, maybe.
2. Pumpkin carving tools exist and if you can find some DEFINITELY get yourself a set! But don't be too forceful with them because I broke one of the tools, which is maybe why my pumpkin isn't as fabulous as I intended.
3. Pumpkin seeds are the opposite of delicious no matter how you cook them (we tried seasoning them and then roasting them in the oven, and also cooking them in a skillet - neither were edible).
4. My BF's obsession of Texas and the Longhorns can even extend into Halloween...who knew?

pumpkin carving tools!

Dixie guarding the pumpkins!

So, I was having a tough time getting a good picture of our pumpkins. The first picture is with the porch light on and the pumpkins lit (and a camera flash), and the second is with the porch light off (and no flash - I really needed a tripod for that shot). As you can see I went with a very traditional scary face pumpkin and my BF carved a longhorn. Which one do you like better?
Happy Carving!

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