Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bachelorette Party Recipe...

Looking for the recipe for a fun bachelorette party? Here are a few basic ideas to get you started...
1. Friends to celebrate with (of course)
22. Lots of Champagne

3. Delicious food

4. (Embarrassing) Bachelorette Gear

5. And finally, lingerie for the bride!

Those are just a few suggestions to begin your planning process.  Whether small or large, wild or tame --- definitely don't forget to get input from the bride! Also, be creative and throw in a few fun surprises (burn a CD of the bride's favorite songs to give as favors, make up a list of questions to ask the groom and see if the bride can guess his answers). 
A few things I learned this weekend at the bachelorette party...
1. I'm old...the body aches I was feeling on Sunday was not the onset of swine flu, but "old person" hangover (as diagnosed by Kathryn).
2. Late night dance parties are still cool at age 28.
3. I'm so thankful for excuses to pretend like I'm back in college with all my girl friends!
Prather, thanks for being such a fun bride to celebrate with this weekend and for giving us an excuse to all get together back in Sewanee! I'm counting down the days until the wedding...