Friday, September 11, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things....

...for fall that is. Which happens to be my favorite time of year. The air-conditioning is exchanged for open windows, the annoying kids on my street go back to school (just kidding, we don’t live near any kids), and clothes-wise, things get a tad dressier. Flip flops, white jeans, and tank tops go back under the bed in that plastic tub you’ve had since college, and we break out the boots, sweater coats and scarves….

I just can’t help but want so many things this season, but I’m a “guest” blogger and don’t want to be rude by clogging up Sidney’s beautiful blog with my endless list of things I’m loving (seriously, my wish list knows no bounds ). So I’ve narrowed it down to a few key “must haves” that I think are wearable yet fashion forward without looking like you are trying really hard. If you want to look like you are trying really hard, turn to Vogue’s fall trend section and go with their “faux” fur vest and embellished ballerina skirt option, I promise you won’t look like an old lady who forgot to take her dementia medicine. Of course, I’m going on a few givens here: 1) You don’t want to look like an old lady that forgot to take her dementia medicine 2) that everyone reading this has an incredible, fits you to perfection/borderline jealously pair of jeans and 3) that you also have a gorgeous go-to white blouse or top. Staples people, staples.

Super Long Cardigans aka the new faceglasses
I must have super hero envy, or just a desire to wear something cape-like without actually looking like a Warlock and wearing a cape, but I am craving a super long, almost to the knees, cardigan right now. This Three Dot one can be worn over a chic blouse for nighttime festivities, or in the morning, for your Saturday latte and bagel run. Either way, you can’t lose and I predict it will become as essential as your Hollywood, Nicole Ritchie sized-please-don’t-take-a-picture- of-me (but seriously do or my career will be nothing) sunglasses, which really are so big they should be renamed “face”glasses. Choose weight of sweater according to your current city’s winter climate.

found here

Flat Boots-two friends for the price of one
Hi. These Cynthia Vincent boots are your new best friend. They will go EVERYWHERE with you. They will love you, support you and never make you feel stupid for wearing them, unlike some of your other two-faced you know whats in your closet… You (and your new BFF) will be the envy of town. You will be stopped and congratulated on your intelligent purchase, so prepare yourself and make sure to have a pen handy when asked for your autograph.

Dressy Puffer-a most serendipitous merger

I hate being cold. But I also don’t want to look like the Michelin Man walking around town in my puffed up puffer heading to a nice dinner. I mean, I don’t get out much as it is already, so when I do, I gotta make it count. That is why this Burberry coat is so to die, because it solves my little quagmire. I just know I would be warm & toasty in this pretty blue number, but also quite sleek and fashion-forward, the ultimate fashion accomplishment for an article of clothing.

Pop Quiz! If these items are wasting space in your hard to come by closet real-estate, you are living the 2004ish dream my friend…

1. Boots with a stiletto heel (unless your name is “Vanity” and you work 57th and Main AFTER the sun goes down)
2. Big, pulls the lobe down earrings
3. Baby-doll, maternity-like wear
4. Terry cloth hoodie and matching pant jumpsuit


  1. Great post Sidney. I'm also loving tall, flat boots, long cardigans and scarves/wraps. Not sure about the whole boyfriend jacket come back trend (posted about it today), what do you think?

  2. Thanks Claudia for the great advice for fall fashion!! I am adding that cardi to my wish list!!

  3. I'm with you I hate looking like a puffer in a huge down jacket but I also HATE to be cold, more than anything! LOVE that Burberry jacket, it is to die for!