Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monogram Madness!

I was over on Julie's blog a couple of weeks ago and stumbled across this fabulous party idea...Mimosas and Monograms...for a bridal shower. I LALALOVE it!! I should have hosted this party for my mid-western friend Lauren since she had no idea what the big deal was with monograms until she moved to Alabama. I mean didn't everyone get a monogram ring and earrings when they were in middle school?? Seriously though, I love the monogram vase, linens and wine glasses that I have gotten over the years as gifts (although I am hoping my monogram will change in the near future), and who doesn't love a mimosa?!  I definitely wouldn't want to overdo it on the monogram theme, but I love the decoration idea of initials (or a monogram in this case) made out of flowers to hang on the front door...
...and who could resist these adorable monogram cookies for dessert?
While we are on the topic of monograms, if you haven't discovered Allison R. Banks Designs, you must check out Allison's web site ASAP!!  She has been designing monograms since she was 15 and her work is AAAMAZING!  With an eye for detail and a unique personal touch, each monogram design is customized to reflect the individual style of her clients. You can have the monogram printed, engraved, or digitized for embroidery. My mind is racing just thinking about all the possibilities!
If I were planning a wedding, Allison would be first on my list to call. Not only does she design fabulous monograms, but she is also a beautiful calligrapher! I wasn't able to pull many photos from her web site, so its a must you check out her gallery here.


  1. oh my, i love this post!
    fonts and calligraphy are
    two of my weaknesses. i
    love looking at blogs and
    websites with calligraphy.
    i have commissioned a
    couple of people to do
    my name (and brooke's) so
    that we could use it to
    make our own stationary and
    calling cards. there are some
    very affordable options out
    there. this girl you posted
    on does beautiful work...such
    thanks for sharing.

  2. Ha. I was about to send this link to my mom but I see that she has already made her way over here and commented!!! Although I will have to get onto her for misspelling stationery!

    I thought the monogram and mimosa party was the best idea ever... I'll plan one for you one day! :)