Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Star Struck!

I'm sure my friend Kathryn will laugh when she reads this, but I get star struck every time I see her book (well, now its books) on the shelf in my local Barnes and Noble. Kathryn Williams in print...and she is friends with cool is that? I feel blessed to have so many talented friends that constantly amaze me with their accomplishments. Not only is Kathryn an amazing writer, but she is an amazing friend, and for that I am thankful! Her second "young adult" novel, The Lost Summer, was published in July, which made for a great excuse to throw a party!

Dori Thornton from The Social Office put together a fabulous "book release" dinner party that tied in with the theme of the book--summer camp. Invitations for the Camp Southpoint Supper were designed by Nicole Speake of Nico & La La. Unfortunately, I only have a few photos, so for some of this you will just have to use your imagination! As guests arrived at the venue, they were greeted by a tent outside, a sign reading "Welcome to Camp Southpoint" and a couple of other painted signs pointing to the "Lake," the "Barn," and the "Riflery Range." How clever is that??

The tables were decorated with care package centerpieces, bottles of bug spray and pixy stix. Camp food was of course the inspiration for the menu, which included hamburgers, hot dogs, mini grill cheese sandwiches, hash brown casserole and green beans. For dessert, freeze pops and "dirt cups" with chocolate pudding, crushed oreos, and gummy worms mixed together in mason jars were served. Oh and let's not forget the signature cocktail -- "Bug Juice"-- a mix of vodka, sprite and hawaiian punch. Mason jars...signature cocktail...this party is right up my alley.

Packages with ingredients for s'mores were piled on top of a trunk at the exit for guests to take with them as a parting favor. YUM! What I love so much about this party is that every detail was thoughtfully executed. I want to throw a camp themed party now! I know everyone out there reading this blog is not an author of a camp novel, but this is such a cute idea that you could incorporate into a birthday party for your child. Happy planning!


  1. wah nice blog, hai friend nice to meet u here, u r welcome tomy blog, i would like to share some fun video to u, thk ;-)

  2. Thanks, Sid, for your sweet words! I'm kind of a big deal. Glad you're finally realizing that;) Totally kidding. I don't think I've ever had anyone say they were "star struck" by me.

    Love the post! The party was amazing thanks to Dori, Jessie, and my friends Mary Charles and KP and Dori's roommate Jane. The only problem: I forgot to take pictures!! Woops.

    Thanks for the shout out!

  3. Sid,
    I loved the post about Kathryn. It was nice to see all of the details, since I wasn't able to be there. I am with you on being in awe of our friends. They are pretty amazing and do some pretty amazing thing.