Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dress it Up!

I started collecting Juliska's white berry and thread dinner plates a few years ago, and I absolutely LOVE them. I think its essential to have a set of white dinner plates because they can be so versatile. You can host several different parties with the same plates by just changing up your linens. Plus, with white dinner plates, its fun to bring in color with linens to dress up your table!

I love using this linen from Pomegranate Inc. for backyard cookouts in the summertime.

This cute linen is from Target and would be so perfect for lunch around the pool.

And of course, this red and white checkered linen from Williams-Sonoma is just right for a barbeque.

For a more formal dinner party or bridal shower, these monogrammed white lines from Matouk are an elegant touch!

Photos via Pomegranate Inc., Target, Williams-Sonoma, Matouk

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