Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When is enough, enough?

I have to admit I still get excited when I go to a wedding reception or party that has personalized koozies, or huggers as we call then in Alabama. BUT, when I get home and add the koozie to the already overflowing bin, I ask myself when is enough, enough?

Why not personalize your wedding reception or party by using drink tags? For a wedding you can make tags with the couples names, wedding date or cute phrases like, "I Do," "Oh Happy Day," and "To Have and To Hold," as shown in the photos below.

Are you tired of koozies? Have you seen a great idea to replace personalized koozies?


  1. went to a wedding and the koozie had grooms name misspelled. why give them out?

  2. Hi Sidney...just found your blog via Haven and Home. We definitely have some similar interests and I'd love to post the chalk post on my blog next week if you don't mind with credit to your blog of course. I grew up in Panama City Beach before moving to Atlanta and the term "muggers" has been used in my family to refer to koozies. Cracks me up!! Anyway, did koozies at our wedding with one side UGA logo and the other side FSU logo. Not that Bama fans would appreciate, but just goes with your post!!!

  3. Sid-I agree. We have an overflowing cabinet of koozies! They are fun and it does make me think of all our friends' fabulous weddings, but I think that's why we decided to do something different and went with presonalized coasters...in fact, I might still have a picture I could email.