Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Backyard Cookout, Part 2

I dug out a few past issues of Southern Living magazine from my closet last night to try to find the article on Nectar and Company that I read a few months ago. If you have not heard about Nectar and Company, I'm so excited to introduce them to you today. This company is a great source for floral design, containers, and garden elements... so if you need to spruce up your home/yard for a party, you've got to give them a call! I love putting a face with a name, so here are the people who make Nectar and Company work...
Tommy Johnston; Carmen Johnston, owner of Nectar and Company; Jani McDaniel; Corinne Johnston; and Angelic Dawson.

Now, let's take a look at their fabulous work! This is the image I saw in the April 2009 issue of Southern Living and instantly I fell in love with this company. How cool is that table below?? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have that set up for my next party...wouldn't you?!! (Sorry for all the "LOVEs" and exclamation points, but I just get so excited over creative ideas.)

I always enjoy a good before and after picture, so when I found this one I had to include it.

Before: Drab Backyard/Driveway

After: Chic Lounge Area for Backyard Entertaining

What is so great about this company is that if you can't afford to buy, you can rent! Nectar will deliver and stage your event with plants, flowers, furniture and accessories and pick them up when the party is through. The potted plant below is one of the many examples of items you can rent.

I couldn't resist throwing in one last picture that is a twist on the traditional window box. Simple perfection!

"I like to create spaces that are fun for people to explore. Let me plant your next party and I'll turn you into a gardener before you know what happened." - Carmen Johnston

Photos via Southern Living and Nectar and Company