Monday, July 27, 2009

To Toss or Not to Toss...

I had a wonderful time at the wedding this weekend in Selma!  After I left the reception, I got to thinking about the tradition of "tossing the bride's bouquet," and I started to wonder if its on the way out? Brides are becoming more and more modern with their weddings that old traditions may just be getting left behind. Or if you are from the South, especially Alabama, it may just be the case that the older we get the fewer single ladies there are to catch the bouquet! I haven't decided on my opinion of whether a bride should toss her bouquet or not. I've been to weddings where they've been tossed and where they haven't, and usually I end up dreading the tosses, and not really missing the toss when it doesn't happen. Wait...maybe that means I have made up my mind? I love traditions so its hard for me to break away from this one. What's your opinion --- definitely toss? or skip the toss? To toss or not to toss...that is the question! For all you orchid is a gorgeous bouquet for you to feast your eyes on...


  1. Love that bouquet. Interesting thoughts, maybe it is becoming out of date....

  2. Skip the toss. I think it makes it awkward for those that are single... At least that's how I felt when I had my days of bouquet catching!

  3. Just found your blog, and I'm a fellow Birmingham Blogger =)

    I got married in January, and skipped just about every tradition out there, including the bouquet toss. The flow of the night didn't seem as forced, if that makes sense?!