Friday, July 10, 2009

My New Camera

A couple of weeks ago I bought a Canon EOS 50 D (my first SLR Digital Camera) and I love it! I had always wanted to take a photography class growing up and never got around to it until this past February. If you live in Birmingham, the Birmingham Botannical Gardens, offers a great selection of photography classes. I started off with a basic photography class, but would love to take another class...maybe on children's portraits or weddings... this fall. When you are hosting a party, don't forget to take pictures! I love capturing parties on film (or a memory card) because you can enjoy the party even after its over. Now with my new camera, I have no excuse not to be taking lots of pictures at every party!
The only problem with my photography hobby is that it can be VERY expensive! Next on my list is a polarizing filter. This makes colors really pop in a photo.

And of course I need a tripod...a small one for photos of flowers.....

and a large one for big group photos or pictures taken at night without a flash.

And, last but not least I need something to tote around all my gear. It seems the new trend for camera bags is a backpack. I could definitely use this one from Canon. Where is that money tree when I need it!

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  1. Great advice on the party photos. I always get so carried away that I forget to take pics but maybe if I get a nice new camera I'll be more likely to use it!