Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dinner Party Inspiration

I'm having a dinner party tonight to celebrate my friend Lauren's engagement (she got engaged in March so this party is much overdue!). Lauren is a very close friend so I really want to make tonight special for her! I saw this image on Beach Bungalow 8 and loved the combination of hydrageas and roses. Hydrangeas are Lauren's favorite flower so my plan is to incorporate them into my flower arrangements. I think the limes are a fun twist, but after seeing the next image on Blue Orchid Designs, I am in the mood for lemons!

I love a table with tons of vases of all different sizes and the lemons are a great way to decorate without breaking the bank! The napkins I have in mind to use are yellow, blue and white. My color scheme is coming together quite nicely!

How neat is the vase full of orange slices. Should I dare try this tonight? It is so unique, but looks tough to pull off!

I'm a huge fan of silver and since this is somewhat of a "wedding shower" dinner party, I think using silver would be a special touch.

I have such a large vision for this party in my head...I hope I can accomplish it on my budget! I will post photos tomorrow...stay tuned.

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