Monday, December 7, 2009

Cookie Swap

I just received an invitation in the mail for a Cookie Swap Party. If you have never been to one, you are missing out on some holiday fun! Here is how it works (if you haven't already guessed from the name): guests are asked to bake 3 dozen cookies, email the recipe to the host in advance, and bring the cookies to the party to swap with other guests. Each guest leaves with a sampling of cookies and all the recipes! So, I have a little over a week to decide on a recipe, (possibly test it out if I've never made it), email it to the host, and then bake 3 dozen! Here are a few I found on Martha's website that look delicious...but also complicated. Help! The chewy chocolate gingerbread cookies are calling my name, but all those ingredients...and the mixer needed (which I don't have)...I'm thinking I may need to come up with some easier options. What do you think? Anyone have a great cookie recipe out there?


Images via Martha Stewart

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  1. Um, well I vote for the last ones. They look so good. I can't wait for the cookie swap. I know it will be so much fun!