Friday, December 4, 2009

Sadie and Scott, III

Can this tent be any more FABULOUS? I LOVE the chandeliers....the chairs...the taupe linens...ah heaven! If this isn't so chic I don't know what is??


How gorgeous are the intricate details on this wedding cake by Pastry Arts?


Brides in the South typically have a groom's cake in addition to the bride's cake, which I'm a fan of because of my love for all things chocolate! Even though there is a lady "crashing" this photo, I just had to include it...the hanging calla lilies are a sight to see!

How fabulous is this pool covered dance floor? And the high boy tables lit up?

Love the vintage "get-a-way" car...and this photo with the light glowing from the chandeliers and sparklers. I can't think of a more magical wedding! Happy one year and two month anniversary Sadie and Scott!

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